House Policy

Check in – Check out

  • Check in will take place at 16:00
  • Check out will take place at 10:00
  • Cancellation fee:
    • In the case of cancellation up to 60 days from the arrival date, the cancellation is free, and no additional payment will be required.
    • In the case of cancellation between 60 to 30 days from the arrival date, the canceller will be charged 50% of the total transaction amount to cancel the reservation.
    • For cancellations made within 30 days or less from the arrival date, 100% of the total transaction amount will be charged.
    • Refunds will be provided to the customer within 14 business days from the date of cancellation.
    • Please note that this policy is applicable only to reservations made directly through our official website. Different policies may apply to bookings made through third-party platforms


  • When you leave the house or go to slip  switch the light  house
  • Please use the bins according to the signs for recycling


  • In each reservation we will take 500 Euro as a deposit . We will transfer you the money back within 2 days in case everything ok in the house . In case of damage we will use the deposit to cover the expenses

Check out

    • before you leave, please make sure that all the dishes are washed and everything is back in place (including all dishes )
    • Throw out al the trash ( segregated to plastic, papers …..)
    •  don’t leave food in the fridge .
    • Please Turn of the air conditioning and lights .

Swimming pool

  • Swimming pool: Swimming in the pool is your responsibility, as well as the responsibility for children.
    • Child Safety: Young children should always be under supervision when near water. The pool should be equipped with safety measures such as fences or safety enclosures, and constant supervision is essential.
  • Additionally, it is prohibited to bring glass cups to the pool area, as they may cause irreversible damage to the pool. This will be your responsibility.