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Assisi :
A spiritual centre with the stunning Basilica of Saint Francis and a peaceful ambiance.
Perugia :
The region's capital boasts medieval streets, art museums, and the renowned Umbria Jazz Festival.
Orvieto :
A captivating hilltop town famous for its Gothic cathedral, impressive underground caves, and white wine, Orvieto Classico.
Gubbio :
Known for its medieval charm and the thrilling Corsa dei Ceri festival where teams race with massive wooden candles.
Spoleto :
A cultural hub hosting the Festival dei Due Mondi, offering a blend of arts, music, and theater, set amid a historic backdrop.
Todi :
An ancient town with an enchanting hilltop location, known for its medieval architecture and breath taking views – Near to our house
Montefalco :
The "Balcony of Umbria" is celebrated for its Sagrantino wine, inviting vineyards, and picturesque vistas.
Lake Trasimeno :
Italy's fourth-largest lake, a tranquil spot offering water sports, boat trips to islands, and lakeside dining.
Norcia :
A gastronomic haven famous for truffles, sausages, and other Umbrian delicacies, set against a backdrop of rolling hills.
Bevagna :
A charming medieval village with well-preserved architecture, offering a glimpse into Umbria's rich history and culture.

Umbria, with its rich winemaking tradition, is home to several excellent wineries. Here are some recommended wineries in Umbria known for producing quality wines:

Cantina Monte :
Vibiano Vecchio is a renowned winery in Umbria, Italy, known for its high-quality wines and commitment to sustainability.
Arnaldo Caprai (Montefalco) :
Renowned for their Sagrantino wines, this winery offers tours and tastings.
Antonelli San Marco (Montefalco) :
Known for their Sagrantino and Montefalco wines, they have a beautiful estate for tours.
Lungarotti :
(Torgiano): One of Umbria's most famous wineries, they produce a wide range of wines and offer tours of their impressive cellars.
Castello delle Regine (Amelia) :
Located in a picturesque setting, they offer tours and tastings of their high-quality wines.
Tabarrini (Montefalco) :
Known for their Sagrantino wines, Tabarrini offers a personal and educational wine experience.
Scacciadiavoli (Montefalco) :
A historic winery with a name that means "devil chaser," known for their Sagrantino and Montefalco wines.
Terre Margaritelli (Torgiano) :
A family-run winery producing organic wines, with tours and tastings available.
Tenuta Castelbuono - Carapace (Bevagna) :
Famous for their Montefalco wines, they also offer a unique tour of their modern winery.
Perticaia (Montefalco) :
Specializing in Sagrantino, they provide tours with beautiful views of the vineyards.
Decugnano dei Barbi (Orvieto) :
Known for their Orvieto Classico and red wines, they offer tours of their impressive underground cellars.

Remember to check the wineries' websites or contact them in advance to confirm their opening hours and whether they require reservations for tours and tastings. Enjoy exploring the wines of Umbria!

John’s restaurant :
Todi Via Altobello Chiaravalle, 06059 Todi PG
+39 075 850 6684
Roccafiore :
Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa, Loc. Chioano di Todi 06059, Chioano PG, Italy
+39 075 894 2416
Ristorante Il Coccorone :
Via Tempestivi, 11, 06036 Montefalco PG
+39 0742 379535
Fiorfiore restaurant :
110/A 06059 Todi, Chioano PG
+39 075 894 2416
San Pietro Sopra :
Vocabolo Capertame, 533, 06056 Massa Martana PG
+39 075 889132
L'Antico Forziere Hotel SPA Ristorante :
Str. Esterna Vicinale della Rocca, 2, 06053 Deruta PG
+39 075 972 4314
Castello di Montignano restaurant :
Loc. Montignano, 6, 06056 Massa Martana PG
+39 075 885 6113
Cassale il Pisciarello Vocabolo Casino :
Montignano, 55, 06056 Massa Martana
+39 075 950 1705

In Todi center & Montefalco center there is some more good restaurants 🙂

Umbria Activity Park (Omega) :
+39 0743 618005
Natural Nature & Parks in Umbria :
Marmore Falls :
Lake Trasimeno :
located in the heart of the Umbria region, is the fourth-largest lake in Italy. Surrounding the lake, you'll find many beaches where you can take short walks, dine in one of the restaurants, or embark on a boat trip to one of the islands within the lake for a half-day excursion.
Rock Climbing :
In Umbria, there are several recommended places for rock climbing with children.
One of them is located in PALE, an enjoyable climbing area situated roughly between Assisi and Spoleto :
Among the climbing walls, you can find an ancient monastery where local monks still occasionally visit. There are over a hundred climbing routes here, and the views are fantastic. It's an excellent place
Here is a link to a local Italian website that provides all the necessary information for climbers before visiting. :
Enjoy a safe and pleasant climbing experience, and don't forget your helmet! Link to Climbing Information
Link to Climbing Information
Rafting :
Bolsena lake things to do and water sport activities :